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I Have Stories To Tell! Episode the 9th

Girl howdy and howdy to the girl who is girlie enough to be the happy mistress of the light but butch enough to bring out your submissive side publicly with no shame, and welcome to the nifty literary world of G. B. Miller, where the perpetual question of "If I was up, would you be down?" will never, ever be answered by him.

As per the norm, a picture from my vast 10+ year archive of photos, of which the majority can be found in my pictorial blog Pictures for Smarties{front page tab is provided for your ease of convenience}.

I have no real comment on this but it sure is cute, eh?
I thought I would add something new to today/s post, something I'm calling "Classic Quotated". This will be a weekly-to-semi-monthly quote of ye olden defunct Tumblr intros that were designed to show off both my dry wit and naughty sense of humor.

Today's installment is from ye olden post of October 27, 2018, and as you'll see, it touches two very real ongoing hourly/daily/weekly occurrences. Disclaimer: I am a moderate Republican, but did not vote for him, and I did suffer a direct hit from a now ex-FB Canadian friend (her choice, not mine) who is infected with said disease.

Boy howdy and howdy to the girl who likes to be the husband in the relationship and welcome to the wonderfully skewered literary world that is G.B. Miller, where dealing with Trump Derangement Syndrome is a daily occurrence in socialized media and posting "Illegal immigrants are criminals" is hate speech.

As they say, FacialSlapBook is like a gallon of rotten egg nog that tastes absolutely divine.

Anywho, to the writing up-to-date!

We're still busy merrily chugging along with our current round of editing, as I'm now working on chapter 12. I've sliced about 500+ words from the book so far and I'm sure more will be sliced by the editor. One of the many things that I'm trying to reduce {as per the excellent advice from my editor} is the amount of personal pronouns that I've used in the story. By "personal pronouns", I mean that I'm using the characters names way too much (like almost every two paragraphs), so I'm trying to substitute those particular pronouns with "he/she/him/her", and so far I'm doing pretty good.

And now, we feature a right hand "K" shaped u-turn for your enjoyment, which is specifically writing related.

As most people can confirm, I'm a linear kind of guy. At work, I always move in the way of "A-B-C-D-E" whenever I'm doing something. Whenever I'm forced to deviate (usually involuntarily) from a particular plan of attack, I can get highly irritable. With writing, it's pretty much the same deal. I can only write in a linear order: the beginning, the middle(s); the end. I can't do it any other way.

Flashback to late Summer 2016.

I had decided to re-write an early vanity published novella for my next project. I dug out the original manuscript to use as a basic outline, and proceeded to start writing. Happily oblivious, I soon had about 4 complete chapters written and I was doing sooooooooooooooo good that I felt invincible. But then, my mind played a dirty trick on me. It said, "G.B., what about that prequel that you wrote some ten years ago?"

And just like that, my happy oblivion was brutally eliminated with extreme prejudice. I immediately stopped writing and started looking for the prequel, which I found about a half hour later. We ate the dust bunnies (with coleslaw), re-read the slushie and commenced to writing. Roughly six months later, in the Spring of 2017, we had a doozy of a 1st draft for a novel. Once completed, I got ready to go back to work on my previous project and congratulated myself on a job well done.

But, tooting my own horn quickly turned sour and out of tune. Why? Because that insidious memory of mine once again spoke up. It said, "Ya know, it sounds like you need a prequel to the prequel."


I beg of you, please don't make me do it. I just can't take on that kind of responsibility. I'm not that strong enough to do it. My writing is good, but that would require me to take it up another notch or two. I'm old to do this. But...but...but.

But nothing. My friends, in a nutshell, I went out of my comfort zone by writing a non-linear trilogy.  I started what would become book #3 (version 1) first. Switched gears to write what I thought would be book #1, but became book #2. Then I wrote book #1, which came out last year. Trashed 1.0 of book #3 and ultimately wrote half of book #3 version 2.0


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