Sunday, January 13, 2019

I Have Stories To Tell! Episode the 7th

Girl howdy and howdy to the boy who is manly enough to have his girl be the driver in their relationship and welcome to the wonderfully skewered literary world of G.B. Miller, where the recent past is the prologue to a failed future. Especially if you're someone above the age of 35 who abhors a politically correct nanny state.

First up, the prerequisite picture, courtesy of Pictures for Smarties:

Riding the wave in an office building
While I sometimes may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, I often find humor in my adventures of day to day living.

Case in point, the other day I was tying my boots up in preparation to going to work. My hand suddenly slipped off my shoelace and I bopped myself in the nose. No big thing, I said to myself, since I've done this numerous times. Shortly thereafter, I trip on to the facilities to take care of some business, when I discovered a runny nose happening. I blew my nose and lo and behold, blood appeared on the TP.

Yup. I done punched myself a bloody nose.

Normally, this not something to brag about. I mean, how many people do you know that actually brag about doing something incredibly stupid to themselves? Probably less than the amount of fingers on your hand. But, I saved this experience to use as cannon fodder to diffuse annoying/crappy situations, and fortunately for me, a few popped up on that particular day.

Got some blog related news for ya. If you've clicked through to read this post, you will see a few interesting cosmetic changes made to this blog. Among the things added were two subscription widgets (RSS feed and e-mail), a new stat counter and four static page tabs across the top. The page tabs contain links to four of my old blogs that you can peruse at your leisure: Cedar's Mountain, Pictures For Smarties, It's Always Saturday In Suburbia and Father Nature's Corner, and each one has a short bio/synopsis of the blog.

And finally, some writing related news is to be had.

This weekend, I finally hit the stopping point of my latest WiP, The Friendship Has Ended. For the past few weeks, as I'd slugged away on my novel, the end goal was to write to a point where I wouldn't suffer through a major case of writer's block when I went back to work on it after a six month hiatus (I have quite a few slushies that will forever remain incomplete because I couldn't remember what the F'ng plot was when I'd finally decided to work on it again), so the end result is 6 chapters/38,397 words.

So this time, I got to a point where I know that I'll be able to continue writing it after a six month hiatus, because besides remembering what the book is about (wife cheats on husband) I will be writing a short one half to one page bullet point memo detailing the remaining character scenes that I need to write in order to tidy up all the subplots of all three books and have a satisfactory ending.

The reason why I'm doing all of this extra work is that I need to complete book #2 The Friendship Has Continued. I've already done three rounds of edits (of which I'll probably elaborate in the coming weeks) and I have, at the very minimum, two more rounds to do before I contact the editor of my choice to book a date for her to work on it.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

I Have Stories To Tell! Episode the 6th

Boy howdy and howdy to the writer creating this post because he'll need all the help he can muster as writing on the fly is something that he's a little bit rusty at, and welcome to the skewered literary world of G.B. Miller, where necessity is the mother of Creativity In Action {which is the title of an actual story that you can find this very fine short story trilogy}.

Yes, writing on the fly is something that I'm definitely out of practice with, since the fiasco that was Tumblr forced me to pre-write my all of my posts on either WordPad or NotePad (both very decent products if you ain't got Word) prior to posting them there.

But writing on the fly, or rather, creating on the fly is a necessity for today's post. This past week was truly an exercise in stupid, since family life (a tragedy that happen to one of my daughter's closest friends on New Year's Eve/Day), work, personal issues (eye doctor), more work, (mini-fires and new employee orientation), overtime (to finish what I didn't do the previous day) and of course, writing.

Speaking of writing, I'm just about done with chapter six, which ends the 1st part of "The Friendship Has Ended". Once this is completed, the book will be shelved for a minimum of six months as I turn my attention to getting book #2 ready for publication. My main concern was finding a good enough spot to stop at, so when I pick it back up a few months later, I can spend just a few minutes in re-reading and picking up where I left off at. The only other thing that I'll need to write is probably a short outline detailing the points that I'll still need to cover in order to complete the novel.

So, here we are at the midway point of our post, and like I stated, I need to do some writing on the fly. I'm a bit rusty at writing on the fly these days, since our imagination has gotten a bit stale at times. Granted, at times, we've had continuous Twitter oriented spurts to open up our Tumblr blog posts for the past two years.

A good example would be the one that I wrote for my very last {12/1/18} Tumblr blog post (sorry, that blog has ceased to be as I nuked it last month in protest of their massive censorship decision to make their entire platform PG-13. As a side note, I will probably be sharing snippets from that defunct blog for the foreseeable future). It was witty, provocative and possibly offensive to millennials and SJW's.

Boy howdy and howdy to girls who use what the deity of their choice graced them with to get whatever they want out of life, no questions asked, and welcome to the skewered literary world of G.B. Miller, where being rude, crude and vile used to be a lyric to a Weird Al song but now is sadly a very real thing.

Okay, maybe that wasn't a good one, but this intro from my blog post of 11/24/18 was about as serious as I would get for an intro. The blog post itself was about reducing stress on SlapMyFaceUntilIBook.

Boy howdy and a major raspberry to the parents of a Canisius College student athlete who threatened her with excommunication from the family unless she went through so-called "gay conversion therapy". She rightfully declined and they excommunicated her with extreme prejudice (article to be found in The Advocate, which sadly I have no link to as I read it on my smart phone via the Smart News app).

Personally, I always thought that "gay conversion therapy" was a big fat joke. Genetically, you either are or aren't. Case closed. You don't get to choose, genetics does. But I digress, as there is a time and a place for discussions like this and presently, I'm not quite ready to offer the other 1 3/4 cents of my 2 cents at this time.

Let's hope that the 3rd time is a charm. From my blog post of 11/17/18.

Boy howdy and howdy to the delicious wing-nut that seems so tantalizingly out of reach that you simply sigh and quiver your bottom lip in disappointment and welcome to the wide, wide, wide, wide and most definitely unbalanced world of G.B. Miller, whose idea of a good Christmas movie is Eddie Izzard's "Lost Christmas".

Now this one has it all: a sexually ambiguous opening statement because it can mean either MF, FM, FF or MM; and a small snippet of the kind of extras (t.v., music, film, etc) that makes me, me. I'd first saw this movie 2017 and I was absolutely floored by it. I love weird Christmas movies, especially some of the weird mutations of "A Christmas Carol" and this one is in my top 5 of strange seasonal/topical movies.

And thus, ends our Creativity In Action. Tune in next week when I should be back to myAbie Normal self. As always, you can follow me on that other socialized media website.

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