Monday, January 30, 2023

Episode #157: Please Wait, Your Call Is Very Important To Us

Love Is In The Air.


It's something that we do without really thinking about it, but more often than not, we don't get bothered by waiting. Sometimes we can be waiting in line, waiting around a table, waiting to be called, or waiting for a train.

On the other hand, waiting can be really annoying. Such as waiting in line at the post office behind someone getting passports done and the branch in question is small and sometimes will not open a second window to clear out those waiting in line.

Or, we can be waiting to get coffee, that human created nectar of the gods, which can cause us to be cranky until we down that nectar of the gods. Even then, sometimes waiting can be too much to handle with aplomb.

But waiting for someone, now that is something that we all can relate to. Are we waiting for someone to love? Someone to hate? Are we waiting for the other shoe to drop? That definitely can be nerve racking to say the least. But waiting out a punishment is certainly nerve racking. 'Course, that truly depends on what the punishment actually is (nudge, nudge, blink 182).

But you may be waiting for a light to turn green, in which case the waiting time can be greater than thirty seconds but less than one and a half minutes. But for those of us who are impatient types, that kind of wait can be insufferable.

Ultimately though, waiting around for something to happen is just a naturally unfortunate part of life that we have to learn to tolerate but never wholly accept. Because as you probably don't know, waiting is a verb (although it can be defined as a noun) or in some cases, an action verb.

So when someone asks you, "What are you waiting for?", please don't say the "The Fish Cheer". Because no one below the age of seventy is not gonna know what that means.

This post is brought to you by yours truly, who in the span of twenty-four hours: spent thirty-five minutes ordering and receiving food at a slow-food restaurant; spent another thirty-five minutes at the post office behind a family of six getting a passport, which was followed by seven minutes at a Dunkin' and another at a Jersey Mike's (never been to one before, just had one open up in town and a prime location and the food was very good).

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  1. Waiting for the idiot in front of you to stop texting and realize the light is green is the worst.

  2. Waiting sucks! When you call a utility, for example, and a recorded voice says "Your call is important to us", then you get put on hold for 30 minutes or more. 😒

    1. I think the longest that I had tolerated being on hold was for about 40 minutes. I had made a numerical error on my Federal taxes, thus had my refund reduced by almost 50%. In order to get it fixed, I had to talk to someone directly from the IRS. The IRS is about the only federal agency I will bend over backwards for.


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