Monday, October 18, 2021

Episode #101: When Having A Title Doesn't Work

<---This is what happens when you really don't care about respecting town property. 

Note: This was sand blasted a few years later and is now clean with reflectors screwed on to ensure safe driving.

I really couldn't think of a proper title for the post, which can be chalked up to the changing of the guard at the blog. Gone are the days of being in the 40 to 49 age bracket when one {with the help of being gainfully employed} could find humor in things and easily write about them with a heaping degree of confidence.

Instead, we are now residing in the mellowing upper end of the Medieval age bracket of 50 to 59, where one tries to make sense of things to a large degree, and often leans on the shoulders of their children for explanations when he doesn't understand something and needs clarification.

This is not one of those times, but simply circling back {see the memes about Psaki} to the previous paragraph about the changing of the guard {not Right, that is}. Today is simply a hodgepodge of bullet point updates about things going on. Plus, I need to keep on my minimum bi-monthly blog posting.

1} Writing: I've finished the first round of edits on my latest re-write project. Funnily enough, I was able to come up with a new tentative title of "My Soul Has Been Captured". I was also able to double the amount of chapters (17 from 8) and get the word count down to 43k+. So now the next step is applying those 116 pages of edits and reprinting the thing out again to go through yet another round of editing. Yay me!

2} Family: The family is doing quite well. Son is settling down to married life quite well, having just celebrated his two year anniversary. Daughter is somewhat back on a semi-skewered path of personal fulfillment. She has a good job in retail, a permanent boyfriend and has made concrete plans for restarting her college education, as well as moving out. The wife is doing good, as well as mother.

3} Me: In general, I'm doing good. Retirement is suiting me quite well presently. I'm still hitting my daily goal of 6k steps/2.5 miles, which is going on 507 consecutive days (basically started in earnest Memorial Day weekend 2020). As with the first update, I've been keeping myself busy with my writing, or rather, my re-writing, and basically my self quarantining with my walking and dealing as minimally as possible with the general public. I'm about as stress-free and relaxed as humanly possible these days and I'm enjoying every single minute of it.

So that's where things stand presently: enjoying retirement, my daily walks, being a small nuisance on FB from time to time, but not so much that I get put into FB jail for speaking things that they don't want to hear, and steadily working on my writing to the point where I'm getting actual enjoyment out of it.

And that is all you can want out of life, which is to enjoy it to the best of your ability.

{c} 2021 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved


  1. Edits happen but at least everything else is going really well. Relaxed? What does that feel like?

    1. Yup, and I'm doing even more. I'm applying that tip about titling chapters and while re-reading, I'm find a few more that I missed the first time.

      Relaxation feels good. 'Course, it took me well over 40+ years of my working life to get there.

  2. Im still working and in the 50-60 age bracket, so no chamce of me finding the huge amount of time to devote to my novel but getting there, ever so slowly.

    Your blog is interesting and I love the sense of humour you place ��

    Maybe one day (he sighs)


    1. For years, the only real time I had to devote to any kind of writing projects was usually the weekends (had lots of me time) and the evenings, and even them it was just a very slooooow grind.

      This year has been very good, as this my 3rd writing project for the calendar year, so I'm quite happy with the output.

      Thanks for the compliment. You should check out the other blogs I've created over the past 12+ years. You'll find some good humor in my 1st one "Cedar's Mountain".

  3. I want to get to that as opposed to running around like a chicken without a head, sounds so relaxing!
    Of course without enough money, that is too tough at this point for me.
    Hopefully all those high cost bubbles pop down some what so I can get to more fun stuff sometime.
    Cool it is all going well for you, so keep up the good retiring!

    1. It's very relaxing. I think it took all of my kids being on their own (literally and metaphorically) for me to really start relaxing.

      Money will always be a thing, although I've gotten extremely good in dealing with a monthly check after spending 25+ years dealing with a bi-weekly check.


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