Sunday, December 30, 2018

I Have Stories To Tell! Episode the 5th

Girl howdy-do and howdy-do to the boy who wants to be manly but secretly loves making tight daisy chains with wet rawhide to better practice with, and welcome to the fashionable skewered literary word of G.b. Miller, where being out of step and out of tune is the be all to end all

First, the obligatory pic (I have soooooo many to chose from):

This is Bank's Corner Park, located only a hop, skip and a jump from where I live. Okay, if you were a 25 foot giant, then it would be a hop, skip and a jump. For everyone else, it's about a five minute walk. This is the header for my picture blog, Pictures for Smarties. From 2010 through 2016, it was my home for all my quaint pictures taken with my disposable camera. Please check out the archive when you get a free minute or two to spare.

Since this is the very last post of the year for me, I thought I would write a short recap for the year, covering my writing, blogging and my personal life. What follows is s simple numerical list, nothing more and nothing less.

1} I finally published my one required book for the year, The Friendship Has Begun, which is book #1 of The Friendship Trilogy and clicking on the pic in the upper right hand side will bring all the salacious details that you will need to purchase this fine specimen of a novel.

2} Blogging was pretty good for me as I managed to churn out about four dozen posts for my now defunct Tumblr blog (clicking on the link will give you all the gruesome details as to why it was terminated with extreme prejudice). And blogging stayed good for me as I was able to create Blogger blog the 7th(!) so as to better continue my writing/blogging thoughts.

3} Writing was still very good to me as in addition to publishing book #1, I finished the third round of edits on book #2 (there will be a post some time in January explaining on how writing the trilogy started with book #3 [dropped], switched to book #2 [completed first] and book #1 [completed second, but published first]), before finally went back to start book 3 from scratch after nuking four previously written chapters. Oi vey.

4} For those of who you who remember me from waaaay back, my current genetic screwup has not gotten better. In fact, it has gotten steadily worse as the hand fatigue has put a severe cramp in my writing. I use voice software at work to alleviate some of it, but this particular MS product doesn't work with Outlook, which is 85% of my job communication with the outside world. So I go through extreme bouts of fatigue, which in turn affects my writing at home (can only do 45 minutes per night because of it, except on the weekends).

5} My lovely daughter Jenelle will be graduating high school next year with honors. God do I feel old.

6} My son just announced his engagement and will be married next year. God do I feel really old.

7} Work is work, which is to say I still have the same old job but not quite doing the same old thing.

And that about sums up the year in the life of G.B. Miller. Tune in next week when we'll be back our usual non-maudlin self. Until then, have a very safe and sane New Year's Eve night.

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