Monday, June 14, 2021

Episode #91: Are We Are What We Are?

Sometimes the simplest things that we want to do or accomplish are often the toughest things to complete.

For me, it's doing something simple like finishing a short story rewrite. I only have something like one very long dialogue paragraph that needs to be done in order to move on to other things. But, just can't seem to get motivated to finish and start on my next project.

Or job hunt. I want to find a part time job to supplement my pension just enough to keep my monthly income close to what it was prior to retiring, but I can't enter the job market until my appeal for my pension is heard next month {t.l.; d.r. denied disability but asking for a revisit}.

Or a few other projects that I want to do but can't find the proper motivation to get them done (note: my organizational skills have briefly kicked the bucket).

Which brings us to the current dilemma of choice: blogging.

While I've always loved blogging, as of late, it hasn't loved me. While blogging has always loved me, as of late, the feeling hasn't been mutual. Case in point is this post coming out again on a Monday for the second straight week. I just can't seem to find the motivation to spew out a few hundred words (give or take) on a consistent basis anymore. I used to go into the weekend thinking, "hey, I have to get something written for blog this coming Sunday." Now it's more like, "man, I gotta write something for the blog this coming Sunday".

But because I still like to blog, I'm going to see if cutting down to every other week will get the mojo working again. As the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I have way too many years invested in blogging to simply walk away.

As a old boss of mine was found of saying, "It's never simple!" 

I'm just hoping that it does get that simple sometime soon in the near future.

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  1. I'm just once a month for the summer, then back to two-three times a month in the fall. Give it a try.

    1. Sounds like a good idea. I'll have to give it some thought. Maybe split my blogging between the blog and my public page which is kind of languishing a little.

  2. I've had a real issue with blogging recently partly because of my eye issues and because I don't feel I have anything to write about, so I hear you. I write on mine enough so it doesn't completely die with the hope that I'll feel more motivated in the future but still have some sort of audience.

    I often forget you are still blogging, so I apologise, then I find it hard to find which of your blogs is still active!

    1. I'm slowly coming to that point. The last few posts I've written have been basically mining the archive of one of my other blogs for content. It's just so hard after 11+ years to come up with original content.

      No apologies needed. This one is my current (and last) blog. Hopefully once things completely settle down, I'll find my blogging mojo again.


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